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Project Description

New Ludlow Earthing

Ludlow is an outdoor 132/66/33/11kV substation in Shropshire, SES were chosen by Atkins for the substation reinforcement work. Two new GT transformers and a new132kV Bay are part of the project.

Substation Engineering Services will be installing, disconnectors, circuit breakers, surge arrestors, voltage transformers, earthing and other associated equipment, eg. busbars, clamps, & steel structures. In the new bay there will also be a LVAC switchboard and lighting system.

SES Ltd will also be installing the protection and control systems for the new equipment and providing modifications to existing equipment where required also multicore and 33kV cable installation & termination.

SES Ltd are to remove and dispose of redundant equipment, including:
Busbars, clamps and associated structures,
Protection and control panels,
DAR and metering panels,
Steel structures.

Project Highlights

Work commenced at the substation on the 5th July 2010, and the project is expected to last until the end of 2011

The new circuit breakers and disconnectors rated 33kV & 132kV are installed as is the high level gantry for the new GT3 Transformer. HV and LV cable installation and termination is well underway and due for completion by the end of September 2010.

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