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    Haysham 132kV Substation
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    National Grid

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Project Description

Field where Substation Expansion will be sited

Heysham 132kV Substation is an outdoor site located 1.4 miles inland from the west coast and just south of Morecambe Bay. The project starts on 20th September 2010 and will run for 14 weeks on 2010 and 4 weeks in April 2011. At Heysham, the Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm is connected to the National Grid. The grid connection requires cables to be buried underground from Halfmoon Bay to the substation.
The Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm is currently being built in the Irish Sea, 10km off Barrow-In-Furness. On completion the wind farm will comprise 30 RePower 5M wind turbines with the capacity of 150 Megawatts and expected to produce around 500 Gigawatt hours of electricity every year.

At the Heysham Site, Substation Engineering Services will be installing equipment including;

• Portable relay room
• Marshalling Boxes
• Supplies Pillars
• 132kV and 33kV Circuit Breakers
• 132kV CVTs and CTs
• 33kV Reactors
• 33kV Capacitors
• 33kV Transformers
• DVAr units (PME)
• 33kV Three phase Surge Arrestors
• 132kv & 33kVThree phase Disconnectors with and without Earth Switches
• 33kV Earth switches
• 33kV Load Switches
• 132kV HAMS Unit
• 132kV and 33kV Cable sealing ends
• Installation of interlocks and labels
• Above ground Earthing
• Multicore cable installation
• Associated support structures, busbars and clamps

SES Ltd will also finger print test Surge Arrestors at the Heysham site

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