Installation, Site Management & Commissioning Works

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    Morrison Utility/Mitsubishi Services/South West Alliance
  • Locations

    Bramley 400kV Substation
  • End User

    National Grid

Services Provided

  • Installation

  • Site Management

  • Commissioning

  • Design

  • Health & Safety


Project Description

Bramley 400/132kV substation is an outdoor AIS substation with a double busbar arrangement at 400kV. SES Ltd was selected to carry out the installation of two additional 400/132kV 240 MVA super grid transformers with associated switchgear and primary equipment, designated as SGT5 and SGT6. The super grid transformers will supply two new 132kV feeders, Basingstoke 1 and 2.

The new SGT5 400kV bay will be connected to the 400kV main / reserve busbar section 1. The new SGT6 400kV bay will be connected to the 400kV main / reserve busbar section 2. The 132kV Connection Between the 400kV and 132kV sites will be by new XLPE cable, for both circuits.

In the future, a new 132kV double busbar substation may be built at Bramley and SGT5, SGT6 and the feeders Basingstoke 1 & 2 would be connected to the new busbars by others. Also the main / reserve busbar section 1, located on the east side of the 400kV substation, may be extended to allow for a new 400kV bay within the area currently covered by the new substation boundary.

Project Highlights

Work commenced at Bramley in January 2008 and was ready for service back in October 2008. All work has been completed in a safe manner, under difficult circumstances and was completed within budget. SES LTD installed the first 2 Mitsubishi 132KV circuit breakers, the first of their kind in the UK.

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