Installation Works

  • Clients

    GE Energy
  • Locations

    Capenhurst 132kV Substation
  • End User

    Scottish Power

Services Provided

  • Installation

  • Site Management

  • Commissioning

  • Design

  • Health & Safety


Project Description

This project involved the phased construction of a new 132kV substation alongside the existing one at Capenhurst, transfer of the existing circuits to the new substation and then demolition of the old equipment associated with the transferred circuits in the existing substation (Capenhurst 'A'). Additionally, protection upgrade works were performed at the existing remote substations to coincide with the transfer of circuits between the old and new substations.

SES Ltd completed the installation of seven circuits of 132kV equipment, including all primary plant, multicore cables, earthing, control and protection. SES Ltd were also responsible for the removal, demolition and reinstatement of existing 132kV equipment.

Project Highlights

This was SES Ltd's first major turnkey installation project, and it was completed safely, on time and within budget.

Client Feedback

"Excellent professional approach to this project. Very high standard of health and safely"

Chris Pace, Scottish Power

"SES exceeded expectations. SES is a valued member of the project delivery team"

Mark Preston, GE Energy