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    Seabank 400kV substation, and remotes at Melksham Whitson
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    National Grid

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Project Description

Seabank Protection Room

SEABANK 400 / 132kV + Melksham, Whitson Clifynydd remote ends

• Installation of NICAP Protection Panels / multicore / GPS Antenna
• Installation of fibre optics at Whitson Remote end
• Removal of redundant protection, control panels and accessories
• Commissioning of the NICAP Protection

Project Highlights

At Melksham remote the programme has suffered from some design & technical issues and as a result we potentially were going to need an extension on the outage. However rapid response from Areva engineering and the SES team effort has brought the programme back in line. All the work is complete in the HV Connection, Shunt Reactor & Operation stripping racks. Relocation of existing racks and removal of redundant cable is complete. Work is complete in the Melksham plant interface cubicles, busbar protection. The Melksham circuit went back in on 10th June 2009.

Whitson and Cilfynydd remote ends are now complete. The circuits where ready to go in on time, however a CB issue caused a minor delay in the circuit returning to service in line with the programme. The circuit is now back in service.

At seabank the programme is running on time and to date with issues on material availability and technical anomalies not delaying the project. Seabank Feeder protection cubicles termination and glanding is complete along with all redundant cable removed from the marshalling rack. All redundant racks have been removed and work has started in the HV connections, shunt reactors and operational tripping racks.

Circuits still to complete are; Main Bus section, Reserve Bus section, SGT1, SGT4, Bus Coupler & PM1. The majority of the work will be complete in July 2010 with an additional revisit for PM1 a short time later.

Client Feedback

"On the whole, very pleased with SES Services, there were a few minor issues along the way but these where dealt with quickly and in an efficient manner"

Andy Smith - Areva