Installation & Commissioning Works

  • Clients

    GE Energy
  • Locations

    Chesterfield & High Marnham 275kV Substation
  • End User

    National Grid

Services Provided

  • Installation

  • Site Management

  • Commissioning

  • Design

  • Health & Safety


Project Description

Chesterfield and High Marnham are both 275kV open terminal 4-switch mesh substations with centralized relay rooms. SES Ltd were responsible for the delivery to site, construction, erection and assembly, site testing, commissioning and putting into service the Protection Front Sheets for the Chesterfield 2 275kV Feeder, the Protection Front Sheets for the High Marnham 2 275kV Feeder and additional Corona rings for line CVT's.

The primary systems work undertaken at these sites was the removal of the Line Traps and associated PLC coupling equipment. The associated busbars and connectors/adaptor plates on the Post Insulators were also replaced in accordance with CDC15. Additionally, access to existing primary plant was required for CT and VT secondary wiring; replacement of the VT Fuse Box with a new pre-assembled VT MCB box; and obtaining additional switchgear auxiliary contacts.

Project Highlights

The project was completed safely, on time and within budget.

Client Feedback

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